FR10-BR Forerunner 10 GPS running watch that tracks your distance, speed/pace and calories in Black/Red.

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Forerunner 10 is a GPS running watch that tracks your distance, speed/pace and calories. It also identifies your personal records and provides motivation along the way. Forerunner 10 is so easy to use, you can start your run with the press of a button. As you run, you can see your time and distance clearly displayed on one screen and calories and pace on another. You can also customize the settings to show pace and distance on the same screen. It's our lightest, most comfortable watch yet! It can be worn as a regular watch, so your running partner is always on hand. As you run, Forerunner 10 automatically alerts you when you complete each mile, giving you a friendly beep and a screen that flashes your time for that mile. When you complete your run and save it, you'll see a summary of how you did, including your total time, distance, average pace and calories. The watch even lets you know when you achieve a personal record, such as your fastest mile or longest run to date.

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Now €129.00

  • GAR-FR10-BR
  • GAR-FR10-BR


  • Battery Life : 5 Hours Traing/5 Wee
  • Gps Enabled : Yes
  • Auto Pause : Yes